Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Turkish oil tanker with 20 Native indian mariners hi-jacked near west Africa

Somali cutthroat buccaneers hit again on Weekend by hijacking a Turkish-owned oil tanker off the european African-american shore.

The Malta-flagged deliver, MV Pure cotton, with its team of 20 Native indian mariners, was assaulted near Slot Gentil in Gabon. A Turkish international ministry formal verified the occurrence said a international information organization. Six of the mariners are residents of Kolkata. Leader Shishir Wahi (54) took over the vessel's control on This summer 12. "My dad went from Kolkata on This summer 5 to take the control of the boat.

We got verification about the hijacking from the delivery organizations around 12.30pm on Wednesday that the deliver was hi-jacked by cutthroat buccaneers delayed on Weekend," Wahi's little girl Richa informed TOI from Kolkata. "My dad known as us on Weekend. But delayed at night, I obtained an e-mail from my dad revealing that there had been interaction failing that would be fixed soon," she included. In a latest buccaneer strike, a Turkish oil tanker traveling the Maltese banner MV Pure cotton with a team of 20, all of who are Indians, has been hi-jacked off the shore of Slot Gentil at Gabon on Weekend late night. The deliver was at external anchorage of Gabon when the cutthroat buccaneers hi-jacked, a Turkish international ministry formal verified the hijacking which was revealed by a international information organization.

Source : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Turkish-oil-tanker-with-20-Indian-sailors-hijacked-near-west-Africa/articleshow/21113838.cms