Monday, 25 March 2013

Govt encourages solar power

The state government on Monday announced its plan for encouraging solar production from the state and issued an attempt (No. 22) for this effect. In view of your potential in order to harness solar, it ended up being felt which net metering capability be provided towards the consumers to come up with solar electrical power for self-consumption and feeding unwanted power into your grid only when it's not getting consumed simply by them.

AP Transco lately installed 100 KW photovoltaic plant on Vidyut Soudha, Hyderabad using a pilot basis and is also following the net metering capability. As per the modern policy, net metering facility will be implemented intended for consumers who plan to encourage photovoltaic green strength and set up solar PHOTO VOLTAIC plants on unutilized sites like roof-tops, squander lands, buildings of
personal households, industries, companies, residential things etc. Subsidy will be provided with the government of India as a result of NREDCAP approximately 30% on the cost of the panel up to a capacity of 500 KW without having battery support.