Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Bill introduced in US to eliminate abuse of H-1B visa programme

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A top American Senator has introduced the legislation that she claims is targeted at eliminating fraud and abuse on the H-1B visa process, but provisions of which would ensure it is tougher with regard to Indian-Americans to get this well-liked work visa.
Among other items, the H-1B and L-1 Visa Change Act associated with 2013 makes sure that an H-1B software filed by simply an supervisor that employs 50 or more US workers will not be accepted except the supervisor attests that a lot less than 50 percent of this employer's employees are H-1B and L visa holders and cases.
The legislation, introduced by simply Senator Place Grassley, Ranking member of the Chair for economic council Judiciary Panel, makes reforms to improve enforcement, modify wage specifications and guarantee protection with regard to visa holders and cases and American workers.
"Somewhere across the line, this H-1B process got side-tracked. The process was never supposed to replace qualified American workers, but it turned out instead intended as a way to fill gaps throughout highly specialised regions of employment. When times are tough, like they're now, it's in particular important that will Americans obtain every factor before a great employer looks to hire from overseas, " Grassley mentioned.
"The legislation will gain the American worker, while still making sure US companies get the specialised workers they need, " he added.
The H-1B and L-1 Visa Change Act needs all companies to generate a good trust effort to hire Americans primary; requires possible H-1B business employers to checklist available positions with a Department associated with Labor subsidized website for the period of 1 month prior to help petitioning with regard to foreign labor; prohibits business employers from advertising simply to H-1B visa holders and cases and prohibits companies by outsourcing visa holders and cases to others.
A waiver will be provided with regard to companies that could attest they've not displaced a YOU worker, and if at all not the "labor with regard to hire" design.
It likewise provides the wages paid for to H-1B visa holders has to be the highest on the locally-determined relevant wage for that occupational classification in your neighborhood of job; the n average average wage for all workers inside the occupational classification in your neighborhood of job; or this median wage for skill level two inside the occupational classification obtained in the most up-to-date occupational job statistics questionnaire.
The bill enhances the ability on the departments associated with Labor and Homeland Security to implement worker protections by enabling random audits, and takes away burdensome specifications for commencing Department associated with Labor inspections and needs Department associated with Labor employees to express information in relation to H-1B petitions while using the US Citizenship and Immigration Products and services.