Monday, 17 June 2013

66% Mumbai Learners Own Mobile Phones

Nearly six in 10 great schoolers in Native indian places own a smart phone and 83% of them are authorized on the public social networking website Facebook or myspace, according to a new study that exposed the youth's increasing dependancy on technological innovation to connect.

Widespread use of mobile phones and continuous online connection have made this generation of kids by far the most connected, said the results of the study of around 17,500 kids in the 12-18 age group across 14 Native indian places. The report was published on Thursday. A quarter of the participants said they invest one-two time online in a day, while a fifth announced dedicating two-three time daily on the web.

In Mumbai, the penchant for technological innovation was more powerful, found the study. Nearly 66% great schoolers here own a smart phone and a third invest one-two time online in a day. Not just this, the portion of kids in Mumbai using microblogging site Tweets and other public social networking systems, such as Pinterest, is far greater than the national amount.

Another popular study finding was the increasing adopting of technological innovation in tier-II places. It revealed that more great schoolers in tier-II places own a smart phone than those in cities. The possession of house PCs, it discovered, is also greater among kids in the small cities.

The study also exposed styles in information accessibility and interaction choices. Nearly three of four participants said they recommended Facebook or myspace or Tweets the most to communicate; this was followed by SMS and then voice calls.

Today, the study said, 84% learners go online from house compared to 58% during 2009. The rise correlates with a impressive drop in the use of online bars from 46% four years ago to 14% now. Over this period, the prices of notebooks and PCs have dropped considerably.

In another increasing trend, more kids now use cell phones to accessibility the world wide web. Almost three of four participants mentioned 'research for schoolwork' as the primary reason for obtaining the internet; a little more than 62% said they go online for public reasons such as communicating and linking with friends.Posted by viswa mandalapu.