Monday, 1 April 2013

Viswa Mandalapu H-1B News - Much Cherished American Dream

Indians love for H-1B visas is never hidden notwithstanding the allegations of mistreatment meted to the Indian students pursuing in US institutions. The recent reports of increase of H-1B cap has again stirred up the interest in realizing the much cherished American dream.

A report says that US is in plans to raise the number of H-1B visas to be issued under a immigration plan which aims at removing the cap on the green card, the move would directly benefit the high skilled Indian Americans but this move in no way is going to benefit the Indian companies.

The immigration plan is believed to open up doors for highly skilled foreign workers allowed into the country and also help thousands of  students pursuing education from US institutes earn legal status be it science, technology, engineering or math’s

If every thing goes well, the passing of the plan by US congress and senate would let majority of top American technology companies including Facebook, Google to open gates for high skilled professionals into US to fill the vacuum created due to non availability of competent professionals in US.

It is needless to say that the move would directly benefit immigrants from India who already form the America’s largest source of highly skilled professionals. On the other hand some of the legislations put forth by senators might pour water on enthusiasm exuded by the Indian companies that pinned hopes on immigration reforms.

Some of the resolutions that are in pipeline ensures that H-1B employer having a workforce of more than 50 US workers may not find acceptance unless the employers confirms that less than half of the workforce are H-1B and L visa holders.

The agreement if reached could pave a way for some of the tech giants like Google, Facebook to hire highly skilled workers.